Identify and Care for Quality Furniture

Two Tips To Help You Get A Good Deal On Office Furniture

Regardless of whether you’re trying to furnish your home office, or if you have an entire office building to find stock for, it’s important to get a good deal on the chairs and desks that you need.  You may not have the money to pay full retail price for the furniture that you need, so you are on the hunt for good deals.  Don’t let a lack of funds hold you back from getting the office furniture that you need; use this information to learn more about two tips you can use to obtain office furniture without breaking the bank.   

Other Office Buildings May Be A Sure Bet

One of the first things you want to do when you need office furniture on a budget is visit other office buildings.  You may be amazed at the wonderful deals you’re able to score simply by being in the right place at the right time.

Established office facilities regularly switch out their furniture.  It may even be a part of the annual budget to purchase new desks and chairs at a certain time of each year.  This can work in your favor if you strike when the iron is hot, and you can score office furniture at a deeply discounted rate, or even for free.

The best way to get in on this is to visit local office buildings and leave a business card.  When you arrive at the front desk, ask to speak with a manager.  Explain to the manager that you’d like to be considered when they are ready to throw away their used office furniture.  Be sure to get the manager’s contact information so you can phone or email them on a periodic basis.     

Understand The Sales Cycle

Another technique you can use to get office furniture on the cheap is to understand the sales cycle.  Every item that shows up on the shelves and floors of your favorite department stores has a sales cycle.  If you are willing to follow this, you could end up with affordable office furniture.

The key is to go into the store and watch the items that you want.  Note the prices of several different chairs and desks.  Go back on a weekly basis, and notice which pieces have been discounted.  These are the items that aren’t selling that the store needs to move.  Once the items fit into your budget, make your purchase so you can save big.

Getting affordable office furniture doesn’t have to be difficult if you know what to do.  When you need new pieces for your office, keep these tips in mind so you can make affordable choices.

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Basic Piano Maintenance And Care

A piano is a delicate and complex musical instrument that needs to be cared for and maintained to be in optimal sound and operating condition. If you own or use a piano and want to take proper care of it, you should consider and perform the following maintenance and care tasks:  

  • Piano Tuning – A piano with average usage should be tuned by a professional piano tuner approximately twice a year. In moderate climate and humidity, tune a piano a few weeks after the beginning of summer and tune it again a few weeks after winter begins. If your piano gets a lot of use or is in a location with weather extremes, it should be tuned four times a year, basically, every 3 months. Keeping a piano well-tuned will preserve it and ensure that it sounds great and has a long life. The more you tune and maintain a piano, the longer it will last. 
  • Piano Voicing – If a piano’s sound is too harsh and abrasive or too soft and dull, a piano tuner can reshape and adjusting the hammers and change the piano’s voice. A piano can be voiced by changing the firmness or softness of the felt hammers. Tell your piano tuner if you wish to change or adjust the tonal voice of your piano. 
  • Piano Regulation – A piano can be regulated by a piano tuner if you notice that the piano keys are not responding as they usually do when you play them. Regulation is the adjustment of the mechanical action of the keys and hammers due to the effects of wear and/or humidity. Tell your piano tuner if you think there is a change in your piano’s key responses. 
  • Piano Placement – To keep a piano in top condition, keep it in an environment with low humidity and consistent temperature. Do not place a piano near large windows or glass doors that get direct sunlight or moisture of any kind. Also, do not place a piano near heating and/or air-conditioning vents. 
  • Other Piano Care – Dust a piano often with a soft cloth and a non-oily or waxy furniture polish. Dust all exterior parts of the piano including the lid, sides, petals, and music rack. Wipe and immediately dry the piano keys every couple of weeks with a soft cloth dampened with a little mild soap and water. Keep liquids away from a piano and always close the top lid and keyboard cover when not in use. When placed in a room with a variance in heat, air-conditioning, and/or humidity, cover the piano with a cloth piano cover. 

A piano is a precision musical instrument that needs to be maintained and cared for consistently by qualified piano professionals, like the ones at Arin Piano Co. A well-cared for piano will last for years, have exceptional tone and dynamic musical range, and give much pleasure to those who hear it played. 

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Orthopedic Mattresses: Three Mattress Types To Suit Your Comfort Needs

If you suffer from back pain, you are definitely not alone. About thirty-one million Americans report experiencing some back pain every year. Of those, many seek relief through changes in their mattresses. Some doctors will even prescribe orthopedic mattresses, and send their patients to places like a Tempur-Pedic mattress outlet to find a specific mattress type. There are three types of mattresses that your doctor may prescribe (or at least recommend) to help alleviate your chronic back pain.

Contour Mattresses

Contour mattresses are designed to provide firm support. They are constructed with special coils that fit the contours of your body, supporting the heavier areas like your hips and shoulders. Your waist, which has a tendency to drop and align with your hips and shoulders when you sleep on your side, finds greater resistance within a contour mattress. This forces your spine to remain in proper alignment because your waist stays where it normally would be (and should be) if you were not laying down in bed.

Flex Mattresses

The word “flex” here refers to this mattress type’s ability to heat, cool and adapt to two levels of support for people who share a bed. For an optimum night’s sleep, sleep experts recommend a cool bedroom environment, a temperate mattress and not too many blankets or heavy comforters on the bed at night. Getting a good sleep means that your body wakes refreshed and not tight, tense or still stressed from the previous day, all of which are contributing factors to back pain. A flex mattress is perfect for people who experience consistent changes in body temperature at night and are frequently awakened by these temperature changes, thereby suffering from a lack of decent and restorative sleep.

“Cloud” Mattresses

This mattress type is the softest mattress you can buy that still provides therapeutic and orthopedic support for your back. Since other really soft mattresses lack support, your back suffers. Wanting to sleep on something that feels so comforting and comfortable when you crawl into it is understandable, but if you feel like you have been twisted into a pretzel when you climb out of bed in the morning, your soft mattress does not provide your back with enough support. Your preference for cushiony comfort does not have to take a back seat when you have a “cloud” mattress because they are super-soft for the first few inches on top, but then have plenty of orthopedic support underneath your “cloud” mattress’s comfort zone.

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Four Types Of Office Furniture And Accessories To Keep Your Scanner Away From

While buying a large scanner for your office is a necessity if you need to frequently digitize a large amount of document, the glass surface that most scanners have is very vulnerable to getting obscured by dust and needs protection. To be truly effective, this protection will have to include both direct cleaning of the screen itself with microfiber cloths and a reconfiguration of the room the scanner is in that involves moving notorious dust magnets far away. When you’re rearranging the room with your scanner, pay special attention to removing these four types of office furniture and accessories.


The older and rougher a rug in your office is, the more likely it is to be a safe harbor for a large amount of dust. Another factor contributing to the danger of a rug is how many people walk over it on a given day.

However, even a relatively new rug with thick, long threads is still enough of a danger that it’s prudent to remove it from the vicinity of your scanner.

Office Chairs With Fabric Covers

While office chairs covered with leather are generally fine, chairs covered with cloth are even more of a danger than rugs because the dust clinging to them will be at almost the same height as the scanner. If you can’t remove all nearby office chairs because someone needs to sit down and do work in the room with a scanner, either find leather chairs or cover all the chairs in the room with specialized dust covers.

Frequently Used Filing Cabinet

Since most filing cabinets are made of metal, making it relatively easy to wipe them down with a dust cloth, a filing cabinet that isn’t opened very often doesn’t present a particular danger to your scanner. However, if someone’s always coming in to take papers and folders in and out of the cabinet, you should be very concerned about lingering dust on the papers and folders getting thrown into the air and eventually landing on your scanner.

Coat Rack Or Hook Mount

Since so many people put their coats into closets filled with dust when they’re at home, it’s important to move any coat rack or mount for coat hooks away from the vicinity of your scanner as soon as you can find a better place for it. If you’re having trouble finding an opportune space, install individual coat hooks on the walls of all the building’s offices and cubicles.

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Male Menopause after 50: Improve Your Sleep Comfort with a Gel Memory Foam Mattress

If you’re over the age of 50 and experience male menopause, it can affect your sleep comfort at night. Your low levels of testosterone causes insomnia, night sweats, and the inability to fall asleep on time and maintain a healthy sleep pattern. Even if your doctor prescribes medications to increase your low testosterone levels, you may still feel out of sorts at night. A gel memory foam mattress helps you get the sleep you need during male menopause. Here’s how.

Cushions Your Hips and Pelvis after Gaining Weight

Memory foam remembers the shape, size, and weight of your body. Memory foam also adjusts to the changes in your body, especially if you gain weight in the lower body. The extra weight places stress on your hips and pelvis. If you tend to lie on your sides at night, the muscles, ligaments and joints in your hips become sore, tired, and irritated.

The gel inside your memory foam cushions your hips and keeps your pelvis properly aligned. In many cases of male menopause, the muscle tissues thin out or lose their elasticity as the condition progresses. You wake up each morning stiff and in pain.

In addition, you may develop an enlarged prostate gland because of the pressure placed on your pelvis. An enlarged prostate gland not only affects your urinary health, it increases your risk for erectile dysfunction. As your prostate gland increases in size, it presses against the reproductive organs that produce sperm and restricts blood flow to them.

Painful hips aren’t the only thing a gel memory foam mattress can improve. It may also improve your nightly hot flashes and body sweats. 

Keeps Your Bed Dry and Cool during Hot Flashes and Body Sweats

Male menopause increases your body temperature, which leads to nightly hot flashes and sweats. Traditional memory foam may not be the best option for you because it holds onto some body heat. According to sources, sleeping in conditions where it’s at 65 degrees Fahrenheit helps you sleep better, longer, and more comfortably.

However, gel memory foam contains a special lining that absorbs heat and keeps your body cool during the night. The surface of your gel memory foam mattress also stays dry, which reduces the growth of bacteria on your mattress and skin. If you previously experienced intense symptoms that left you and your bed drenched in smelly sweat, you benefit greatly from a gel foam mattress.

If you need additional information about gel memory foam mattresses and how they work, contact a dealer like Midwest Bedding Company. You don’t have to lose sleep because of your male menopause symptoms when you can do something about them. 

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3 Tips For Creating A Gender-Neutral Nursery

Furnishing and decorating the nursery in preparation for your new arrival is one of the most enjoyable home remodeling projects possible. However, if you’re attempting to create a gender-neutral nursery – whether because you’re choosing not to find out the gender of the baby until the birth, or because you simply don’t care for pink or blue – the project can become a little frustrating. All that pink and blue is tough to avoid. Take a look at a few tips that can help you pull together a cute gender-neutral nursery for your little one.

Choose Your Colors

First you need some colors other than powder pink and baby blue to use in the room. Pale yellow and green are common choices for gender-neutral baby items, but you don’t have to stick with these colors if you don’t want to – you can choose bolder colors instead.

Colors like brown and gray are neutral and go with almost anything – pair dark brown wooden furnishings with bright orange walls, or paint the walls gray and look for turquoise wall hangings and accessories. Or take a cue from many preschool classrooms and go with primary colors – perhaps sunny yellow walls and red carpeting, dotted with geometric shaped blue throw rugs. A brightly-colored room will grow with your child – they will find the colors and contrasts interesting and engaging as they begin to sit up, crawl, walk, and get into things.

Choose Your Furnishings

The crib is the most important piece of furniture in the nursery, and luckily, it’s easy to find a plain natural wood or white-painted crib. However, if you’re looking for something a little different, check your furniture stores for wrought-iron cribs. These intricately designed cribs are more visually interesting than the standard wooden crib.

When it comes to rocking chairs, dressers, and changing tables, opt for solid, neutral colors wherever possible. You’re going to want to decorate the walls, and the floors will be filled with toys before you know it. A rocking chair upholstered in soft gray fabric or a natural oak dresser provide a visual break from the busier walls and floors. Some decorative wicker or fabric baskets can be useful for holding diapers and miscellaneous items while giving the room a polished look

Choose a Theme

Pull the whole thing together with a theme that will work for either a boy or a girl. This isn’t that hard to do – just stay away from fairies, princesses, sports, and cowboys. What works well with the colors you chose?

An alphabet and number theme will work wonderfully with a primary color scheme – hang wooden letters and numbers on the walls. Designate one wall for pictures of family members, and glue letter tiles to the frames spelling out “mom,” “dad,” “sister,” “brother,” and so on. If you chose deep green, make it a magic forest. Paint an enchanted tree on the wall and hang pictures of animals, plants, and birds. If you went with a turquoise color, cover the walls with friendly fish and sea creatures. Choose mobiles, toys, and bedding.

For more information, contact Barr’s Furniture or a similar company.

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Beautiful Pieces That Make Your Dining Room Pop

Does your dining room look dull and lackluster? Or does it appear tiny and cramped? Your dining room should be the most bright and engaging area of your home, so friends and family want to gather for meals, chit chatting or just homework and other hobbies. Furniture and accessories can make a huge difference in this space of your home to make it your favorite place to be.

Have a hunch you need a hutch

A hutch not only makes your space more usable, it adds class to your dining room as well. A freestanding hutch with its own storage cabinets underneath provides you the stowing space you need for hobbies, crafts, and those items you pile on your dining room table every day. The glass partition doors allow you to display beautiful collectibles, inherited dinnerware and china, or even artwork from your children.

If you have a smaller dining room, consider a cottage-style hutch instead of a freestanding variety. A cottage-style typically comes with drawers and a single cabinet in addition to glass-enclosed shelves. Paint your hutch an inviting color, such as goldenrod, periwinkle, or even pure white to make it stand out in your room as a conversation piece.

Sit down and take a load off

If your dining room is lacking an inviting appeal, add a loveseat or padded bar stools to your furnishings. A loveseat can be tucked along a wall away from your dining room table and is a welcome retreat after a large meal. Bar stools can be placed around an open breakfast bar or placed along the wall by your windows for a place to sit and have a fun conversation without having to sit at the table.

To make bar stools more engaging, consider covering each one with a different kind of material. If you go with a pattern, choose a timeless style such as floral designs or chevron. If you choose solid tones, choose contrasting color schemes to make your bar stools really stand out.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Nothing makes a small or tiny dining room look larger than a large wall mirror. Nab an antique designed mirror at your local thrift or home decor store, and place the mirror on the largest wall in your dining room. The effect will make your space look larger, brighter, and more welcoming. You can increase the effect of your wall mirror by adding a small shelf underneath it that you can then use to display lit candles for a lovely dinner.

Your dining room furniture can make this area of your home really stand out. If you want your dining room to pop, then use any of these cool ideas to give your space the quirky and engaging appeal it needs.

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