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Fun Furnishings That Make Your Son’s Room Unique

You want your son to love his private living space, so why not turn his room into a space he can truly love and enjoy? Furnishings can make a huge difference and can help your child express his individual personality. Here are some fun furnishings that can make your child’s room unique so it’s his favorite place in the house to hang out.


If your son loves all things fast, then his bed should be a space where he can have all the adventures he dreams about. A Ferrari car bed is shaped like his favorite fast ride, and let’s him feel like he is behind the wheel of his own super-fast sports car. Complete with a steering wheel and wheels along the bottom, bedtime will become something your son will look forward to when he knows he is sleeping in a fun car each night.

Make your son’s bed complete with matching car-themed bedding so when he tucks in at night, he feels truly special. His friends will love his unique bed, and you will love that he enjoys his own room and its special decor.


An entertaining light in the shape of an airplane, car, boat, or even a favorite animal can make even the ceiling a fun part of the room. Consider a light fixture for your boy that involves things or creatures he loves, so when it’s time for lights out, he will be excited to be part of the process. Light fixtures can even feature hanging mobiles to add dimension to the room and make your son’s space feel just like a whimsical toy store.


Few things make a bedroom more cozy than a fuzzy rug. Choose vibrant hues in your son’s favorite colors, such as green, blue, orange, red, and yellow with flashy imagery of cars, animals, or airplanes. A fuzzy rug will quickly become his favorite place to sprawl out and explore his rock collection, that frog he found at the pond, or, hopefully, do his homework. You can match curtains to your son’s fuzzy rug to pull the whole space together and keep a vibrant theme consistent throughout his room.

There are so many ways you can make your son’s room his favorite place to be in the home. From an awesome car bed to whimsical light fixtures, you can incorporate his favorite things into his private space so he will always look forward to hanging out in his room with his friends or just to have some quiet time to himself.

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Simple Ways To Remove Wax Buildup From Your Wooden Dining Room Furniture

Your wooden dining room table and chairs are likely to dominate the dining room and therefore need to always be at their best shine. Therefore, when you get a dining room table that looks and feels sticky, dull, and blotchy or sporting a rough top, what you may have is a buildup of too much wax on the furniture. In the U.S. aerosol furniture polishes are the most popular wood polishes, with approximately 80 million units being sold each year. However, many of these contain either silicone, gum turps or petrochemicals and toluene, which give poor results to your polishing and may even be dangerous for your health.  

However, since you may not be one of the DIY types to make your own wood polish, you may have been stuck with these options and now have a waxy build-up on your dining room tables and chairs. Here are some ways to address this and get back that natural sheen that will brighten up your dining area. 

Use what you have 

The removal of wax takes time but is more easily done now than it used to be before the development of lacquer finishes and U/V coatings. As a result, there are several ways that you can address the condition of your dining room table. The first is to use a vinegar and water solution to clean the wax from the table. You need to ensure that the table is clean first and then apply a solution of half-and-half white vinegar with water and wipe the furniture in the direction of the grain. Another way to approach this is with the use of black tea solution in a ratio of 3 times the strength made for drinking. This should be steeped for about 10 minutes, allowed to cool and then used to wipe the table in the direction of the wood grain.

The table should be thoroughly dried and then buffed, whichever one of these methods that you decide to try. Also remember that you should try the solution of a less conspicuous area of the table before using them on the whole table to see how well the wood will be able to manage the application.  

Other solutions

While there are commercial cleaners available, you need to ensure that you choose one that is water-based rather than one containing solvents. These may be less time consuming than trying other wax removers. However, if you are the adventurous type you may opt to use such products as mineral spirit or paint thinner as a wax remover. If you do not already have these at home then you should be able to get them at any hardware or art store as they are also used as oil paint removers. As usual, remember to use on a test area before using it on the whole table.

A cheaper alternative to this thought is the use of Dove brand dish washing liquid, which can be applied to the table by rubbing in the soap. This should immediately be followed by using a dry towel to remove the residue and rub the table. 

Finally, you need to be aware that some of these issues may be in relation to the age of the furniture and not necessarily the wax that has been used. So, if your dining room table is older than 25 years, you may need to consult a professional before trying any of these suggestions. Contact a business, such as Furniture Classics, for more information.     

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Differences Between “Factory Direct” And “On-Site Manufacturing,” For Furniture And Why It Matters

When you walk into different furniture stores, you automatically assume that the furniture came from some off-site shipper or manufacturer. On a closer look, you may see furniture tags that read “factory direct” or “on-site manufacturing.” These two labels can be confusing unless you know exactly what they mean and what it means to the furniture offered for sale. Here are the defining differences between these two furniture store labels and why it matters.

What “Factory Direct” Labels Mean

The “factory direct” label means that the furniture was made in a factory and shipped directly from the factory to the store. The factory may be owned and operated by the furniture store, or it may just have a contract with the furniture store to produce a lot of its furniture. Usually (but not always), the furniture is manufactured (mostly) here in the U.S. so you do not have to pay import fees on top of the price of the furniture you buy. Additionally, if the factory is especially close to the furniture store (e.g., within the same state as the store or within the same region of the state) you will also be charged less for the shipping fees.

What “On-Site Manufacturing” Labels Mean

The “on-site manufacturing” label means that these pieces of furniture are made right there, in the store. There is a factory attached to the back of the store where several employees spend their time churning out furniture to be sold in the store in front. Mattress shops are probably the most common type of on-site manufacturing and sales in furniture, but chairs, tables and furniture with storage drawers follow closely behind. If you buy furniture with the on-site manufacturing label, you are not charged any shipping fees or import fees. Additionally, if there are any problems with or flaws noticed in the furniture you buy, the store may provide a reduction in cost or offer repair and replacement services in conjunction with lifetime guarantees.

Why These Distinctions Matter

With on-site manufacturing, you can speak directly to the quality control associate about any problems you have with the furniture you have bought. However, factory direct furniture (made here) means that it is covered under some type of warranty, a feature frequently not provided by imported furniture from other countries (e.g., China, Taiwan, India, etc.). When you buy furniture with either of these labels, you are supporting the American economy, too. Be sure to read the tags and labels on each piece of furniture you want to buy before you buy it.

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Fun And Creative Ways To Incorporate Barn Wood Into The Décor Of Your Home

As you are remodeling and decorating your home, barn wood is not likely to be the first choice in décor material that comes to mind. However, the rustic look of barn wood can look beautiful. In fact, here are some fun and creative ways you can incorporate barn wood into the décor of your home.

1. Turn The Wood Into Wall Art

If you have a nice solid piece of barn wood, consider drawing and painting a picture on it. You could decorate the wood with your favorite animal, your favorite color, or your favorite shape. You could also just paint it all the colors of the rainbow. Then, you would have a rustic looking piece of rainbow wall art to hang up. The barn wood will make a nice canvas for whatever you want to decorate it with.

2. Add Barn Doors to Your Bedroom

Consider converting your bedroom door and the closet door in your bedroom to a barn door. If you have a master bathroom inside of the rom, consider converting that door as well. The barn wood on the door will give the room a warm and inviting feeling. It may feel a little like you are sleeping inside of a cabin.

3. Frame or Hide Your Television

Consider cutting a barn door in half and hanging it from the wall above your television. You can push each half of the door apart to frame your television, or you can push them together to hide it when you are not using it. This is a fun and easy way to put the television away when you have guests coming over or you want to enjoy family time without the television.

4. Add a Warm Welcome to Your Home

Convert your entry door to a gorgeous barn door. A sliding barn door will make a very attention grabbing front door and it will save space as it opens and closes without taking up so much room.

5. Accents and Trim

Barn wood will make great accents and trim all throughout your home. All you have to do is walk around your home and think about how things would look if there was a little rustic wood being used as the trim or as an accent.

As you can see, there are a lot of fun and creative ways to add barn wood to your home’s décor. Fortunately, these are all fairly easy too. Check out reclaimed wood décor by for more information.   

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Two Tips To Help You Get A Good Deal On Office Furniture

Regardless of whether you’re trying to furnish your home office, or if you have an entire office building to find stock for, it’s important to get a good deal on the chairs and desks that you need.  You may not have the money to pay full retail price for the furniture that you need, so you are on the hunt for good deals.  Don’t let a lack of funds hold you back from getting the office furniture that you need; use this information to learn more about two tips you can use to obtain office furniture without breaking the bank.   

Other Office Buildings May Be A Sure Bet

One of the first things you want to do when you need office furniture on a budget is visit other office buildings.  You may be amazed at the wonderful deals you’re able to score simply by being in the right place at the right time.

Established office facilities regularly switch out their furniture.  It may even be a part of the annual budget to purchase new desks and chairs at a certain time of each year.  This can work in your favor if you strike when the iron is hot, and you can score office furniture at a deeply discounted rate, or even for free.

The best way to get in on this is to visit local office buildings and leave a business card.  When you arrive at the front desk, ask to speak with a manager.  Explain to the manager that you’d like to be considered when they are ready to throw away their used office furniture.  Be sure to get the manager’s contact information so you can phone or email them on a periodic basis.     

Understand The Sales Cycle

Another technique you can use to get office furniture on the cheap is to understand the sales cycle.  Every item that shows up on the shelves and floors of your favorite department stores has a sales cycle.  If you are willing to follow this, you could end up with affordable office furniture.

The key is to go into the store and watch the items that you want.  Note the prices of several different chairs and desks.  Go back on a weekly basis, and notice which pieces have been discounted.  These are the items that aren’t selling that the store needs to move.  Once the items fit into your budget, make your purchase so you can save big.

Getting affordable office furniture doesn’t have to be difficult if you know what to do.  When you need new pieces for your office, keep these tips in mind so you can make affordable choices.

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Basic Piano Maintenance And Care

A piano is a delicate and complex musical instrument that needs to be cared for and maintained to be in optimal sound and operating condition. If you own or use a piano and want to take proper care of it, you should consider and perform the following maintenance and care tasks:  

  • Piano Tuning – A piano with average usage should be tuned by a professional piano tuner approximately twice a year. In moderate climate and humidity, tune a piano a few weeks after the beginning of summer and tune it again a few weeks after winter begins. If your piano gets a lot of use or is in a location with weather extremes, it should be tuned four times a year, basically, every 3 months. Keeping a piano well-tuned will preserve it and ensure that it sounds great and has a long life. The more you tune and maintain a piano, the longer it will last. 
  • Piano Voicing – If a piano’s sound is too harsh and abrasive or too soft and dull, a piano tuner can reshape and adjusting the hammers and change the piano’s voice. A piano can be voiced by changing the firmness or softness of the felt hammers. Tell your piano tuner if you wish to change or adjust the tonal voice of your piano. 
  • Piano Regulation – A piano can be regulated by a piano tuner if you notice that the piano keys are not responding as they usually do when you play them. Regulation is the adjustment of the mechanical action of the keys and hammers due to the effects of wear and/or humidity. Tell your piano tuner if you think there is a change in your piano’s key responses. 
  • Piano Placement – To keep a piano in top condition, keep it in an environment with low humidity and consistent temperature. Do not place a piano near large windows or glass doors that get direct sunlight or moisture of any kind. Also, do not place a piano near heating and/or air-conditioning vents. 
  • Other Piano Care – Dust a piano often with a soft cloth and a non-oily or waxy furniture polish. Dust all exterior parts of the piano including the lid, sides, petals, and music rack. Wipe and immediately dry the piano keys every couple of weeks with a soft cloth dampened with a little mild soap and water. Keep liquids away from a piano and always close the top lid and keyboard cover when not in use. When placed in a room with a variance in heat, air-conditioning, and/or humidity, cover the piano with a cloth piano cover. 

A piano is a precision musical instrument that needs to be maintained and cared for consistently by qualified piano professionals, like the ones at Arin Piano Co. A well-cared for piano will last for years, have exceptional tone and dynamic musical range, and give much pleasure to those who hear it played. 

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Orthopedic Mattresses: Three Mattress Types To Suit Your Comfort Needs

If you suffer from back pain, you are definitely not alone. About thirty-one million Americans report experiencing some back pain every year. Of those, many seek relief through changes in their mattresses. Some doctors will even prescribe orthopedic mattresses, and send their patients to places like a Tempur-Pedic mattress outlet to find a specific mattress type. There are three types of mattresses that your doctor may prescribe (or at least recommend) to help alleviate your chronic back pain.

Contour Mattresses

Contour mattresses are designed to provide firm support. They are constructed with special coils that fit the contours of your body, supporting the heavier areas like your hips and shoulders. Your waist, which has a tendency to drop and align with your hips and shoulders when you sleep on your side, finds greater resistance within a contour mattress. This forces your spine to remain in proper alignment because your waist stays where it normally would be (and should be) if you were not laying down in bed.

Flex Mattresses

The word “flex” here refers to this mattress type’s ability to heat, cool and adapt to two levels of support for people who share a bed. For an optimum night’s sleep, sleep experts recommend a cool bedroom environment, a temperate mattress and not too many blankets or heavy comforters on the bed at night. Getting a good sleep means that your body wakes refreshed and not tight, tense or still stressed from the previous day, all of which are contributing factors to back pain. A flex mattress is perfect for people who experience consistent changes in body temperature at night and are frequently awakened by these temperature changes, thereby suffering from a lack of decent and restorative sleep.

“Cloud” Mattresses

This mattress type is the softest mattress you can buy that still provides therapeutic and orthopedic support for your back. Since other really soft mattresses lack support, your back suffers. Wanting to sleep on something that feels so comforting and comfortable when you crawl into it is understandable, but if you feel like you have been twisted into a pretzel when you climb out of bed in the morning, your soft mattress does not provide your back with enough support. Your preference for cushiony comfort does not have to take a back seat when you have a “cloud” mattress because they are super-soft for the first few inches on top, but then have plenty of orthopedic support underneath your “cloud” mattress’s comfort zone.

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