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Having Your Parents Move In? Make Some Changes To Your Furniture

The dynamic of your home can change in a number of situations. Having a child is one of the most noticeable ones because you will want to babyproof the entire home. Adopting a cat or dog is a big responsibility, but it will not change too much at home, aside from needing to provide them with things that they need such as a litter box, bed, toys, and a water bowl. Inviting your parents to move in and having them accept is something that will also lead to drastic change. It is a smart idea to go on a furniture shopping trip to prepare for when your parents move into your home.

Get a New Couch or Add a Chaise Lounge

The living room is an easy place for conversation and bonding to occur, but this can be an issue when you do not have enough space for your parents to sit in with the family. The easiest way to solve this problem is to go out and buy an oversized couch that everyone can sit on without having to squeeze in. You can also get two couches and organize them in a way to not turn the living room into an obstacle course. If you do not want to replace your furniture, you should shop for a chaise lounge to add to your couch.

Offer Extra Seating Around the House

In addition to the living room, you want to make sure your parents feel included everywhere else. This means getting an extra barstool or two for the kitchen island to maximize seating space. You will also need to buy additional dining chairs so that you do not only have room for your parents but guests as well. The size of your patio and porch will determine how much more furniture you can add to the space, but you may want to consider buying furniture that is designed for small spaces to allow for more seating.

Buy an Extendable Dining Table

Once you have seating covered, you will want to make sure there is enough room on the dining table. It is natural for the table to fill up even more than normal because you will have extra mouths to feed and there will be two more sets of plates that need to fit onto the table without crowding. If you do not have much space, you can always get an extendable dining table to pull out when you need the room.

Living with your parents again can be an exciting experience, especially when you make sure they are comfortable in your home by going furniture shopping to accommodate their needs. Check out companies like Senetics to get started.

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Reasons To Keep Your Company’s Upholstery Clean

As a business that relies on walk-in customers, it’s important that you give the best possible impression to everyone who comes through your door. When your upholstery isn’t clean, that reflects poorly on your business. Here’s a look at a few of the reasons why you should be working with an upholstery professional to keep your office upholstery clean.

Avoid Odors And Discoloration

Cleaning your office upholstery regularly will help prevent discoloration of the fabric due to dirt. In addition, that dirt can lead to bacteria growth. The bacteria can lead to foul odors that will eventually linger in the room and may cause your commercial space to smell unpleasant. This can be a discouragement for your customers, hindering your business.

Prevent Allergic Reactions

When dirt and dust are left to accumulate in upholstery, it can lead to particles being released into the air. These particles can be irritating to the respiratory system and may even trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks. By keeping your upholstery clean on a regular basis, you will avoid the accumulation of potentially allergy-inducing particles from your shop. Not only will this make your business more pleasant for customers, it could also save you on sick day payments for employees who are out due to respiratory or allergy issues, improving your company’s productivity.

Prolong Your Upholstery’s Life

When upholstery is persistently dirty, it can deteriorate the fibers in the material. This can cause wear, holes, and even damage to the cushions and padding of the chairs. If you want to make the most of your capital investments, you need to be sure that you’re protecting your upholstery with frequent cleaning. If you do this, not only will it help you make the most of your investment, but it will also allow you to invest more money in your initial furniture since you won’t have to replace it again right away. That extra investment might even help you buy furniture that’s more comfortable for your customers and employees, improving the atmosphere in your business.

Whether you’re just getting ready to invest in furniture for your office space or you have furniture that you’re considering purchasing for your business, you need to be sure that you keep it clean. With these tips, you can do just that. In addition, if your furniture is already used and has started to show signs of this kind of wear, you should talk with your local upholstery shop about having them reupholstered. Then, you can use these tips to help you keep your newly upholstered furniture looking its best.

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3 Tips To Care For Your Furniture Pieces

In order to get the most out of your prized furniture pieces for as long as you own them, you should follow some tips that will allow you to protect them. Whether you have a favorite couch or an elegant dining room table, you will want to help these furniture pieces reach their potential through some excellent care. To this end, contemplate these guidelines so that your furniture serves you well. 

#1: Consider Getting Furniture Restoration If Your Favorite Piece Is Worn

To protect the value of your furniture, restoration is often the ideal course of action to take. With restoration, you can have professionals fix some glaring problems with a piece until it looks as good as new. This can save you some money in the process, as it is typically cheaper to restore a piece of furniture than it is to buy a new set altogether. Always sit down with a furniture restoration company to have them walk you through exactly what they would do to bring the peace back to its former glory. Also make sure that you shop around for prices you can afford. For example, refinishing a wood furniture piece might cost you anywhere between $40 per hour and $60 per hour.

#2: Get The Furniture Professionally Cleaned

While there are plenty of cleaning solutions on the market tailor-made for each furniture piece you own, there is no substitute for a professional grade cleaning. Professionals will use products that get the job done and will be very careful to not wear the furniture down the process. The cost that you will pay for professional furniture cleaning will depend on the material and the type of furniture. For instance, it might cost approximately $50 to clean a recliner and upwards of $150 to clean a sectional.

#3: Buy Insurance For Your Furniture

Anytime you have furniture that is expensive or of some significant value, you will want to protect it with an insurance plan. This might come in the form of putting the furniture on your homeowners insurance or buying an insurance plan specifically for your furniture pieces. Furniture stores or furniture repair contractors can sell you an insurance plan that you can put your furniture pieces under. These insurance plans might also let you get routine maintenance and cleaning.

Follow these three tips so that you can always care for your furniture the way that it deserves.

For more information contact a furniture restoration company like Tri-County Furniture Restoration.

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Three Unique Ways To Use Bunk Beds In Your Home

Bunk beds may have more uses than you ever realized, and they can be put to work in many ways in your home. Use this guide to come up with different ways to use bunk beds in your home to provide storage, sleeping space, and more.

Guest Room Suite Furnishing

You can maximize the available sleeping space in your guest room to create a sleeping suite for family and out-of-town visitors. Clear out a double closet, including any shelves and dowel rods, and place a set of bunk beds in the closet. Remove the doors and add a curtain, or switch the doors out for two folding doors. This space can be used for children visiting your home, and the parents can use the bed in the main room. If your guest room has a walk-in closet, take this idea and add a dresser or small desk to create a secondary room for your guest room suite.

Storage/Sleep Space

You don’t need to have more than one person in a bedroom to take advantage of a bunk bed. Keep the top bunk set up as a bed, and remove the mattress from the bottom bunk. Place a piece of plywood over the springs in the bottom bed, and add file cabinets, storage lockers, or a set of storage cabinets to the bottom bunk. You’ll have a dual-function piece of furniture that is great for smaller bedrooms. You can maximize your storage space while still giving your child a comfortable bed to sleep in.

Multipurpose Accommodations

If you are handy with a hammer and saw, you can convert a regular bunk bed set into a multipurpose space for guests. Keep the top bunk as-is for sleeping space, and remove the bottom bunk bed completely. Add two small bench-style seats to the bottom bunk, facing each other. The seats should be sized to fit the depth of the bunk bed. Install a fold-down table or shelf between the two benches, and place a few cozy pillows on each seat. Your bunk bed will now double as a small dining table, which can also be used as a study desk. This idea is great for use in a guest room or even in a studio apartment.

A standard bunk bed set can be used in lots of different ways in your home, whether you put them in a guest room for additional sleeping space or you make a few modifications to customize the beds to fit your needs. Use a bit of creativity, and come up with other ways you can use bunk beds in your home. For more information, contact a company like Bruce The Bed King.

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Creating A Kid-Friendly Interior Design

Investing in nice furniture can turn any house into a home. Unfortunately, expensive furnishings can often be ruined by the imagination and curiosity of young children.

If you have little ones in your home, here are three simple tricks you can use to help make your home’s interior more kid-friendly in the future.

1. Upholster your coffee table.

When kids are learning to walk, they can often be quite unstable. Falls are common and could result in serious injury if your child comes into contact with the sharp edge of a coffee table.

To ensure that your home is ready to withstand rambunctious toddlers, try upholstering your existing coffee table. Start by spreading some batting out on the floor, then placing the coffee table upside down on the batting. Pull the batting over the bottom edge of the coffee table and secure it in place with a staple gun.

Repeat the process with a piece of colorful fabric, then trim away any excess fabric and batting before turning your new coffee table right side up in your living room. The batting and fabric will soften the edges of your coffee table, cushioning your child from injury should he or she fall against it while learning to walk.

2. Invest in a dark sofa.

One of the easiest ways to ensure your furniture remains looking nice for as long as possible when you have messy kids at home is to invest in a couch that is made from a dark fabric.

Darker colors are more forgiving when it comes to the occasional stain or spill, which means every flaw will not be noticeable like it would be on a lighter-colored couch. It can also be beneficial to buy a couch made from microfiber, which can be simple and affordable to clean on a regular basis.

3. Purchase furnishings that are laminated.

While real wood furniture might give your home a high-end look, real wood is also susceptible to scratches and gouges made by children’s toys. The open grain of the wood can also soak up any liquids spilled onto it, resulting in a permanent stain.

Laminated wood can easily be wiped clean, and it can withstand the abuse of a child’s toy running across the surface. By purchasing laminated tables, dressers, and chairs, you will be able to ensure your children don’t take a toll on the aesthetic beauty of your home’s furnishings.

Creating a kid-friendly interior can be challenging. By upholstering your coffee table, investing in a dark sofa, and purchasing laminated furnishings, you will ensure that both your kids and your furniture can coexist inside your home.

For more information, contact local professionals like Visions In Contemporary Living.

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Memory Foam Mattresses: Your Questions And Concerns Answered

Memory foam mattresses have received a lot of hype recently. The idea is that the foam in these mattresses conforms to your body and helps support it for a better night’s sleep. The foam then springs back into its usual mattress shape until you return to sleep on it. The foam eventually develops a “memory” for your sleeping positions, supposedly helping you fall asleep faster. However, you might still have some questions and concerns about these mattresses, and here are a few of the answers you may be looking for.

Are Memory Foam Mattresses Really Soft or Can You Get a Firmer Mattress?

Because they are made of foam, they are soft, but some higher grade memory foam mattresses are made with a denser foam. The denser foam makes them a little more firm without giving up too much of what makes a memory foam mattress what it is and what you would expect it to be. If an all-foam mattress is just too soft for your liking, you can also get a memory foam and coil spring mattress that can provide extra firm support underneath the foam part of the mattress. That way, you will not feel as though you are just sinking all the way down into the mattress, but are actually cradled in it.

Are Memory Foam Mattresses Really Hot?

If you remember what other types of foam feel like when they collect heat in the sun, then you might be worried that memory foam mattresses get really hot at night. While they do retain some heat, it is generally located directly underneath your body at night. The way the foam pockets fill out the memory foam also helps release heat so that it is not as hot as you would expect.

Are Memory Foam Mattresses Hypoallergenic?

Yes, most memory foam mattresses are hypoallergenic. They are dust-mite resistant, and because of their breathability and the pores in the mattress, many of them also resist mold and mildew. If you need a hypoallergenic, non-toxic and eco-friendly mattress, these qualities exist in a few more models of memory foam mattresses. Additionally, there are all-natural memory foam mattresses that list exactly what they are made of, in case you need to make sure that the foam is not made from anything to which you are allergic. When shopping for any of these foam mattresses, just check the tag to verify the claims. 

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Thinking Inside The Box — A 4-Step Guide To Studio Apartment Layout

Living in a studio apartment has its advantages (lower cost, less stuff to move around) and its disadvantages (mostly a lack of space and defined rooms). When faced with the task of trying to find a way to make one feel like home, those disadvantages can seem overwhelming. But you can create a real home in a studio apartment by following these 4 steps.   

Start With the Bed. The bed is probably the biggest furniture item you have, so it’s a good place to begin. Ideally, the bed should not be immediately visible or noticeable as you enter the apartment. It should also have some privacy while you sleep. Depending on your bed needs, many people opt for a smaller bed (double or twin), a convertible futon or pull-out or even a Murphy bed (which folds up vertically when not in use). 

Enter into the Social Area. The space closest to the door is usually reserved as the entertaining and hangout space of the home. Organize this space by deciding what will be the central focus and arrange around that. This focus item can be anything that defines a lot of your recreation or entertainment — such as the television, a conversation grouping of two or three chairs, a comfy sofa or a work desk. 

Create Borders. Using several different methods, you can add some borders to help define the “rooms” in your studio. A large area rug is one way to delineate the size and limits of a “room” — such as the living room or dining area. Use floating furniture — like a sofa’s straight back — to create a sort of wall between areas placed back-to-back. A tall bookshelf or armoire (easily found in good furniture stores) is an easy way to add a “wall” to the bedroom area and give it some privacy.

Use Focal Points. Design each segment of the apartment — kitchen, bedroom, living room or dining area — with something interesting and unique to draw attention away from how small it is. A focal point can be any number of things, including a bold paint or trim color, a beautiful piece of furniture, a fun wall hanging  or a unique back splash. Adding focal points that reflect your home’s overall theme and your personality are good ways to make the space feel like your home rather than just a rented apartment.   

By following this basic outline when planning the layout of your apartment, you can find the best solution for your furnishing challenges. It may even help to sketch the layout and existing furniture when planning and when buying new pieces — saving time, money and energy. And the end result will be a cozy place you’ll be happy to call “home.”

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