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Beautiful Pieces That Make Your Dining Room Pop

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Does your dining room look dull and lackluster? Or does it appear tiny and cramped? Your dining room should be the most bright and engaging area of your home, so friends and family want to gather for meals, chit chatting or just homework and other hobbies. Furniture and accessories can make a huge difference in this space of your home to make it your favorite place to be.

Have a hunch you need a hutch

A hutch not only makes your space more usable, it adds class to your dining room as well. A freestanding hutch with its own storage cabinets underneath provides you the stowing space you need for hobbies, crafts, and those items you pile on your dining room table every day. The glass partition doors allow you to display beautiful collectibles, inherited dinnerware and china, or even artwork from your children.

If you have a smaller dining room, consider a cottage-style hutch instead of a freestanding variety. A cottage-style typically comes with drawers and a single cabinet in addition to glass-enclosed shelves. Paint your hutch an inviting color, such as goldenrod, periwinkle, or even pure white to make it stand out in your room as a conversation piece.

Sit down and take a load off

If your dining room is lacking an inviting appeal, add a loveseat or padded bar stools to your furnishings. A loveseat can be tucked along a wall away from your dining room table and is a welcome retreat after a large meal. Bar stools can be placed around an open breakfast bar or placed along the wall by your windows for a place to sit and have a fun conversation without having to sit at the table.

To make bar stools more engaging, consider covering each one with a different kind of material. If you go with a pattern, choose a timeless style such as floral designs or chevron. If you choose solid tones, choose contrasting color schemes to make your bar stools really stand out.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Nothing makes a small or tiny dining room look larger than a large wall mirror. Nab an antique designed mirror at your local thrift or home decor store, and place the mirror on the largest wall in your dining room. The effect will make your space look larger, brighter, and more welcoming. You can increase the effect of your wall mirror by adding a small shelf underneath it that you can then use to display lit candles for a lovely dinner.

Your dining room furniture can make this area of your home really stand out. If you want your dining room to pop, then use any of these cool ideas to give your space the quirky and engaging appeal it needs.