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Four Types Of Office Furniture And Accessories To Keep Your Scanner Away From

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While buying a large scanner for your office is a necessity if you need to frequently digitize a large amount of document, the glass surface that most scanners have is very vulnerable to getting obscured by dust and needs protection. To be truly effective, this protection will have to include both direct cleaning of the screen itself with microfiber cloths and a reconfiguration of the room the scanner is in that involves moving notorious dust magnets far away. When you're rearranging the room with your scanner, pay special attention to removing these four types of office furniture and accessories.


The older and rougher a rug in your office is, the more likely it is to be a safe harbor for a large amount of dust. Another factor contributing to the danger of a rug is how many people walk over it on a given day.

However, even a relatively new rug with thick, long threads is still enough of a danger that it's prudent to remove it from the vicinity of your scanner.

Office Chairs With Fabric Covers

While office chairs covered with leather are generally fine, chairs covered with cloth are even more of a danger than rugs because the dust clinging to them will be at almost the same height as the scanner. If you can't remove all nearby office chairs because someone needs to sit down and do work in the room with a scanner, either find leather chairs or cover all the chairs in the room with specialized dust covers.

Frequently Used Filing Cabinet

Since most filing cabinets are made of metal, making it relatively easy to wipe them down with a dust cloth, a filing cabinet that isn't opened very often doesn't present a particular danger to your scanner. However, if someone's always coming in to take papers and folders in and out of the cabinet, you should be very concerned about lingering dust on the papers and folders getting thrown into the air and eventually landing on your scanner.

Coat Rack Or Hook Mount

Since so many people put their coats into closets filled with dust when they're at home, it's important to move any coat rack or mount for coat hooks away from the vicinity of your scanner as soon as you can find a better place for it. If you're having trouble finding an opportune space, install individual coat hooks on the walls of all the building's offices and cubicles.