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Basic Piano Maintenance And Care

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A piano is a delicate and complex musical instrument that needs to be cared for and maintained to be in optimal sound and operating condition. If you own or use a piano and want to take proper care of it, you should consider and perform the following maintenance and care tasks:  

  • Piano Tuning - A piano with average usage should be tuned by a professional piano tuner approximately twice a year. In moderate climate and humidity, tune a piano a few weeks after the beginning of summer and tune it again a few weeks after winter begins. If your piano gets a lot of use or is in a location with weather extremes, it should be tuned four times a year, basically, every 3 months. Keeping a piano well-tuned will preserve it and ensure that it sounds great and has a long life. The more you tune and maintain a piano, the longer it will last. 
  • Piano Voicing - If a piano's sound is too harsh and abrasive or too soft and dull, a piano tuner can reshape and adjusting the hammers and change the piano's voice. A piano can be voiced by changing the firmness or softness of the felt hammers. Tell your piano tuner if you wish to change or adjust the tonal voice of your piano. 
  • Piano Regulation - A piano can be regulated by a piano tuner if you notice that the piano keys are not responding as they usually do when you play them. Regulation is the adjustment of the mechanical action of the keys and hammers due to the effects of wear and/or humidity. Tell your piano tuner if you think there is a change in your piano's key responses. 
  • Piano Placement - To keep a piano in top condition, keep it in an environment with low humidity and consistent temperature. Do not place a piano near large windows or glass doors that get direct sunlight or moisture of any kind. Also, do not place a piano near heating and/or air-conditioning vents. 
  • Other Piano Care - Dust a piano often with a soft cloth and a non-oily or waxy furniture polish. Dust all exterior parts of the piano including the lid, sides, petals, and music rack. Wipe and immediately dry the piano keys every couple of weeks with a soft cloth dampened with a little mild soap and water. Keep liquids away from a piano and always close the top lid and keyboard cover when not in use. When placed in a room with a variance in heat, air-conditioning, and/or humidity, cover the piano with a cloth piano cover. 

A piano is a precision musical instrument that needs to be maintained and cared for consistently by qualified piano professionals, like the ones at Arin Piano Co. A well-cared for piano will last for years, have exceptional tone and dynamic musical range, and give much pleasure to those who hear it played.