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Fun Furnishings That Make Your Son's Room Unique

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You want your son to love his private living space, so why not turn his room into a space he can truly love and enjoy? Furnishings can make a huge difference and can help your child express his individual personality. Here are some fun furnishings that can make your child's room unique so it's his favorite place in the house to hang out.


If your son loves all things fast, then his bed should be a space where he can have all the adventures he dreams about. A Ferrari car bed is shaped like his favorite fast ride, and let's him feel like he is behind the wheel of his own super-fast sports car. Complete with a steering wheel and wheels along the bottom, bedtime will become something your son will look forward to when he knows he is sleeping in a fun car each night.

Make your son's bed complete with matching car-themed bedding so when he tucks in at night, he feels truly special. His friends will love his unique bed, and you will love that he enjoys his own room and its special decor.


An entertaining light in the shape of an airplane, car, boat, or even a favorite animal can make even the ceiling a fun part of the room. Consider a light fixture for your boy that involves things or creatures he loves, so when it's time for lights out, he will be excited to be part of the process. Light fixtures can even feature hanging mobiles to add dimension to the room and make your son's space feel just like a whimsical toy store.


Few things make a bedroom more cozy than a fuzzy rug. Choose vibrant hues in your son's favorite colors, such as green, blue, orange, red, and yellow with flashy imagery of cars, animals, or airplanes. A fuzzy rug will quickly become his favorite place to sprawl out and explore his rock collection, that frog he found at the pond, or, hopefully, do his homework. You can match curtains to your son's fuzzy rug to pull the whole space together and keep a vibrant theme consistent throughout his room.

There are so many ways you can make your son's room his favorite place to be in the home. From an awesome car bed to whimsical light fixtures, you can incorporate his favorite things into his private space so he will always look forward to hanging out in his room with his friends or just to have some quiet time to himself.