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Creating A Kid-Friendly Interior Design

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Investing in nice furniture can turn any house into a home. Unfortunately, expensive furnishings can often be ruined by the imagination and curiosity of young children.

If you have little ones in your home, here are three simple tricks you can use to help make your home's interior more kid-friendly in the future.

1. Upholster your coffee table.

When kids are learning to walk, they can often be quite unstable. Falls are common and could result in serious injury if your child comes into contact with the sharp edge of a coffee table.

To ensure that your home is ready to withstand rambunctious toddlers, try upholstering your existing coffee table. Start by spreading some batting out on the floor, then placing the coffee table upside down on the batting. Pull the batting over the bottom edge of the coffee table and secure it in place with a staple gun.

Repeat the process with a piece of colorful fabric, then trim away any excess fabric and batting before turning your new coffee table right side up in your living room. The batting and fabric will soften the edges of your coffee table, cushioning your child from injury should he or she fall against it while learning to walk.

2. Invest in a dark sofa.

One of the easiest ways to ensure your furniture remains looking nice for as long as possible when you have messy kids at home is to invest in a couch that is made from a dark fabric.

Darker colors are more forgiving when it comes to the occasional stain or spill, which means every flaw will not be noticeable like it would be on a lighter-colored couch. It can also be beneficial to buy a couch made from microfiber, which can be simple and affordable to clean on a regular basis.

3. Purchase furnishings that are laminated.

While real wood furniture might give your home a high-end look, real wood is also susceptible to scratches and gouges made by children's toys. The open grain of the wood can also soak up any liquids spilled onto it, resulting in a permanent stain.

Laminated wood can easily be wiped clean, and it can withstand the abuse of a child's toy running across the surface. By purchasing laminated tables, dressers, and chairs, you will be able to ensure your children don't take a toll on the aesthetic beauty of your home's furnishings.

Creating a kid-friendly interior can be challenging. By upholstering your coffee table, investing in a dark sofa, and purchasing laminated furnishings, you will ensure that both your kids and your furniture can coexist inside your home.

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