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Three Unique Ways To Use Bunk Beds In Your Home

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Bunk beds may have more uses than you ever realized, and they can be put to work in many ways in your home. Use this guide to come up with different ways to use bunk beds in your home to provide storage, sleeping space, and more.

Guest Room Suite Furnishing

You can maximize the available sleeping space in your guest room to create a sleeping suite for family and out-of-town visitors. Clear out a double closet, including any shelves and dowel rods, and place a set of bunk beds in the closet. Remove the doors and add a curtain, or switch the doors out for two folding doors. This space can be used for children visiting your home, and the parents can use the bed in the main room. If your guest room has a walk-in closet, take this idea and add a dresser or small desk to create a secondary room for your guest room suite.

Storage/Sleep Space

You don't need to have more than one person in a bedroom to take advantage of a bunk bed. Keep the top bunk set up as a bed, and remove the mattress from the bottom bunk. Place a piece of plywood over the springs in the bottom bed, and add file cabinets, storage lockers, or a set of storage cabinets to the bottom bunk. You'll have a dual-function piece of furniture that is great for smaller bedrooms. You can maximize your storage space while still giving your child a comfortable bed to sleep in.

Multipurpose Accommodations

If you are handy with a hammer and saw, you can convert a regular bunk bed set into a multipurpose space for guests. Keep the top bunk as-is for sleeping space, and remove the bottom bunk bed completely. Add two small bench-style seats to the bottom bunk, facing each other. The seats should be sized to fit the depth of the bunk bed. Install a fold-down table or shelf between the two benches, and place a few cozy pillows on each seat. Your bunk bed will now double as a small dining table, which can also be used as a study desk. This idea is great for use in a guest room or even in a studio apartment.

A standard bunk bed set can be used in lots of different ways in your home, whether you put them in a guest room for additional sleeping space or you make a few modifications to customize the beds to fit your needs. Use a bit of creativity, and come up with other ways you can use bunk beds in your home. For more information, contact a company like Bruce The Bed King.