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3 Tips To Care For Your Furniture Pieces

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In order to get the most out of your prized furniture pieces for as long as you own them, you should follow some tips that will allow you to protect them. Whether you have a favorite couch or an elegant dining room table, you will want to help these furniture pieces reach their potential through some excellent care. To this end, contemplate these guidelines so that your furniture serves you well. 

#1: Consider Getting Furniture Restoration If Your Favorite Piece Is Worn

To protect the value of your furniture, restoration is often the ideal course of action to take. With restoration, you can have professionals fix some glaring problems with a piece until it looks as good as new. This can save you some money in the process, as it is typically cheaper to restore a piece of furniture than it is to buy a new set altogether. Always sit down with a furniture restoration company to have them walk you through exactly what they would do to bring the peace back to its former glory. Also make sure that you shop around for prices you can afford. For example, refinishing a wood furniture piece might cost you anywhere between $40 per hour and $60 per hour.

#2: Get The Furniture Professionally Cleaned

While there are plenty of cleaning solutions on the market tailor-made for each furniture piece you own, there is no substitute for a professional grade cleaning. Professionals will use products that get the job done and will be very careful to not wear the furniture down the process. The cost that you will pay for professional furniture cleaning will depend on the material and the type of furniture. For instance, it might cost approximately $50 to clean a recliner and upwards of $150 to clean a sectional.

#3: Buy Insurance For Your Furniture

Anytime you have furniture that is expensive or of some significant value, you will want to protect it with an insurance plan. This might come in the form of putting the furniture on your homeowners insurance or buying an insurance plan specifically for your furniture pieces. Furniture stores or furniture repair contractors can sell you an insurance plan that you can put your furniture pieces under. These insurance plans might also let you get routine maintenance and cleaning.

Follow these three tips so that you can always care for your furniture the way that it deserves.

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