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Making Room For A California King Bed In A Small Space

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Having all of the room in your bed that you need to sleep soundly through the night is essential. Few things can make starting the day as unbearable as not getting enough sleep. So, go ahead, get that California King bed and spread out. If space is an issue, you'll just have to get a little creative with the small space. Here, you'll find a few small space solutions that will help you fit your big bed into your small room.

Invest in a Storage Bed

There are all kinds of storage beds for you to compare. You can get an average height bed frame that has single drawers or shelves on the bottom, or you can get a raised bed frame that has multiple drawers and shelves underneath. If you have enough storage space in the bed frame, you'll be able to eliminate a dresser or two that takes up space in the bedroom.

Use the Vertical Spaces

Take advantage of all of the wall space in the bedroom. You can pick up floating shelves for very little and installing them is a snap.

Another thing that you can do is to hang hooks on the wall and buy beautiful baskets that you can fill with the things that would have normally been in the nightstand that doesn't fit in the room anymore. These baskets can be moved and rearranged to meet your storage needs exactly.

Declutter the Space

When you're using big furniture in small spaces, you want to declutter the space as much as possible. The more stuff you have crammed in there, the smaller the room will feel and the more stressed you'll feel while your spending time in there.

Keep the décor simple. Of course you want to add some decorations to the space, but those decorations shouldn't be too overwhelming.

Finish an Accent Wall

If you can add an accent wall to the space, that wall will draw the eye away from the size of the room and pull it directly to the accented wall. If you don't want to paint or hang wallpaper, you can get a beautiful canvas print to hang on the wall – or a tapestry – something to soften the space without overwhelming it.

Once you're tucked into your bed at night, what's in the room will become less of an issue. Sleep soundly in your California King bed and wake each day feeling rested and ready to take on another day.