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The Pet Parlor: Tips For Designing A Fabulous Room For Your Dog

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Pet bedrooms are growing in popularity among pet owners for good reason. Creating a room for your dog gives you plenty of space to store doggie supplies, which in turn helps to keep other areas of your home less messy. And what could be more fun than decorating a room for your favorite four-legged friend?

Avoid carpet

The best flooring for your dog's room is one that can stand up to repeated cleanings and that will resist stains. Ceramic tile and high-quality laminate or vinyl flooring are good options. Hardwood flooring can be used, but may get scratched up easily if your pet tends to be rambunctious.

Select the right dog bed

Having a specific room for your dog gives you several possibilities for bedding. If you have a smaller dog, a toddler bed may be fine, but for larger dogs you may want to choose a twin-sized bed to give your dog plenty of room to move around. A larger bed is also better if you have more than one pet or are planning to add another pet to your family in the future.

When visiting the furniture store, look for beds that are durable enough to withstand rough play, especially if you have more than one dog. Avoid wooden headboards and frames since dogs often can't resist chewing on things. Choosing a bed with a metal frame and headboard is the best way to prevent your dog from turning the bed into a chew toy.

Use washable blankets and pillows

Avoid any material for bedding or pillows that cannot be tossed in the washer. Blankets, sheets, and bed coverings will need to be washed on a regular basis to keep your dog's room fresh and reduce odors. Light bedspreads are easier to wash than heavy and bulky ones.

Make a place for storage

A large plastic laundry basket makes a great toy box for a pet's room. Your dog will have easy access to his favorite items, and it makes tidying up the room easy. Wall shelves will make storing pet supplies and treats easy, but make sure you install shelves high enough to prevent curious pets from accessing items.

Get creative with decorating

Have a large photo of your pet blown up into a poster to decorate the room or create a collage of smaller photos consisting of some of your favorite pet pictures. Use adhesive or metal letters to spell out your pet's name. Funny pet slogans can add a touch of humor to the room.

Creating a special room for your dog will keep you on track with the latest trend in pet owners. Your dog will have a place to rest and play and you will have fun designing a room that's unique and pet friendly. You can find all the items you need for your pet room at a local furniture store, as well.