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4 Benefits Of Memory Foam Mattresses

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A good night's sleep is important for many reasons. Not only will it help you be more productive during the day, but it can also improve and maintain your emotional health. Unfortunately, without a good quality mattress suited to your specific needs, you may not be able to sleep well. Thankfully, more and more people are seeing the benefits of memory foam mattresses to improve their quality of sleep. Here are a few benefits that may surprise you.

Perfectly Suited Comfort

The main benefit of memory foam is that is contours to your body's shape and needs. When you lie down on a memory foam mattress, the foam changes according to your body's needs.

For example, if you have specific areas of the body that put more pressure on the mattress than others, the foam will support this, alleviating any stress on your body. Also, the memory foam helps redistribute the weight of your body, providing you with a more comfortable surface that will help you sleep throughout the night.

Pain Relief

By providing your body with support that suits your specific body's shape, a memory foam mattress can reduce pain and discomfort you may be experiencing.

If you suffer from chronic lower back pain, for instance, the foam will ease pressure on the lower back by providing you with additional cushion and support. If you experience pain in your shoulders or legs, the memory foam can ease away pressure and tension to help you sleep in a more comfortable manner, reducing any soreness and discomfort you may experience in the day.

Quiet and Soft Movement

If you have a partner who tosses and turns at night or gets up often throughout the night, the mattress' movement may wake you up. Memory foam offers a more quiet and soft night of sleep even if your partner is constantly moving and getting in or out of bed.

The memory foam contours to the body, but it also resists motion transference. This means that even though your partner is constantly shifting and making motions in the bed, you will not hear or feel it, allowing you to get a more peaceful night's rest.

Reduced Allergies

Itchy, watery eyes, skin irritations, sneezing, and coughing are all symptoms of allergies that can affect your quality of sleep. Unfortunately, these allergens are often found in your bedding and mattresses.

A memory foam mattress is constructed out of polyurethane foam, which resists and repels dust mites, reducing any contact you may have with these allergens.

Check out the available options at your local mattress store.