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Free Up Your House — Trade These Bulky Furnishings With Modern Alternatives

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Do you have bulky or oversize furniture in your house? The oversize look that seemed comfy and warm in years past may have recently given way to a desire for slimmer furnishings and a scaled-down look. But you don't have to give up practicality and comfort when you get rid of those large pieces. Here are a few trades anyone can make in your own home to achieve a better balance.

Replace a Sectional with a Group

Do you have a large sectional sofa in your living room or family room? These inflexible pieces often take up too much space and make a room look smaller than it is. For a better look, swap it out for a grouping of a sofa, love seat, and chairs — depending on your room shape and size. You can still seat many people in comfort but you'll have more flexibility and space.

Replace an Entertainment Center with Individual Items

Large entertainment centers and television armoires used to make more sense when families had a large library of physical media, several large media devices, and thick televisions. But nowadays, you probably don't need that bulky storage system. Get rid of it and mount your television on the wall instead. Replace the large storage unit with a low dresser or cabinet to house your consoles and remaining devices. Use wireless connections where possible to marry the two. 

Replace Large Bed Frames with Invisible Supports

Big framing on beds works well in homes with huge master suites, but it can devour a small or medium size bedroom of today. Ditch the sleigh bed style or large and ornate headboard/footboard combination. Place a basic frame underneath the mattresses and leave the bed open to the room. Look for a slimming and chic headboard instead.

Replace a Formal Dining Table with a Convertible One

Unless you like to do a lot of formal dinner parties, you probably don't fully utilize a large dining table. Has it become more of a catch-all storage area for your family's stuff? If so, replace it with something that has more flexibility. Look for a table that can expand and contract using inserts or 'leaves' so as to fit your various needs. Use the extra space within the room to add a storage cabinet or side table.  

Which of these simple trades could recapture the space and purpose of rooms in your home? Whichever choice you make, you're sure to find a solution that better fits your modern lifestyle.

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