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3 Traits Of A High-Quality Dresser

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When it comes to purchasing a dresser, it is important that you invest in a dresser that is going to last. There are certain characteristics you should look for to determine if a dresser is high-quality.


The first thing you will want to pay attention to is the material the dresser is made from. If you want a dresser you can depend on for decades, you want one made with kiln-dried wood. Kiln-dried wood is solid and strong. Avoid a dresser made from medium density fiberboard or other inferior wood products.

When looking at the dresser in person, make sure the wood grain all flows in one direction and has a good pattern. Pay attention to the quality of the wood stain on the dress as well; it should be stained a solid color, without any stain dripping down the sides of the dresser.

If you are looking for an affordable wood dresser, look for a pine or oak dresser. If you have more money to spend, a cherry wood or mahogany wood dresser should last you for decades. Right in the middle price range are oak dressers.


Next, you are going to want to examine the drawers. The drawers should pull in and out easily. Look at the hardware the drawers slide on; you want the hardware to be made of metal, and you want the drawers to have a stopper that prevents you from pulling the drawer all the way out. If you try to pull the dresser out, it should stop.

Next, look inside the drawer for a dust panel. A dust panel is located inside the drawers and keeps dust from getting from one level of the drawer to the next.

Nice dressers often have graduated drawers, with smaller drawers on the top of the dresser and larger drawers as you go down the dresser. This is a common feature of high-end dressers and is often a sign that the dresser is a high-quality product.


The hardware on a dresser is the handles that you grab onto. You want to look for handles that you find comfortable to grasp. When looking at the hardware, make sure it is securely screwed into the front of the drawer.

Nicer dressers tend to have more custom and stylish hardware on the dressers.

When purchasing a dresser, look for solid wood with graduated drawers equipped with nice hardware. Carefully check the construction, make sure the stain is evenly applied, and check that the dresser does not have any design flaws.